Phillipe Piris
Marco Schaefer

Gabor Franyo

Peter Beckers

You want thrash ?

We got thrash !


TEMPEST - that are four musicians, ready to thrash you right up your kissers!

Hailing from Aachen, Germany, TEMPEST have set out to rock out any stage they can get their hands on.

Started in 2013 as a two-man-project by guitarists Phil and Marco, it became very fast very obvious, that the art created is to be rocked out to on stage, and thus, in the next years TEMPEST has evolved into a full band by the joining members Karsten on the bass as well as Gabor on the drums. After long search for a decent vocalist, Phil has found himself fitting the role of the frontman and vocalist perfectly, besides delivering the chops on the guitar. Fully lined-up, recordings for the debut could begin. The vision was clear from the very start - creating thrash-metal anthems by using classic elements without being repetitive - and that is what is being delivered without compromises!

In 2017, TEMPEST started the recordings for their debut "WHEN HATE HAS DOMINION", which peaked in the record's release in summer 2018. After some changes in lineup over the years, TEMPEST have found their current final form with Phil screaming the shit out of his lungs while rocking the guitar, Marco shredding your face into pieces, Gabor smacking the drums like there's no tomorrow and Peter crushing everything on his way by brute force of bass.

After some impressive first stage appearances and gaining some attention within the regional scene, TEMPEST have proven to deliver the goods on high-energy-level and stir up the crowd wherever they enter the stage. Greedy for more, TEMPEST seek to thrash up YOUR stage and let every single head bang and every single mosh unleash!


Playing punchy, straight into the face Thrash Metal aggressively as it's meant to be, this quartett from Aachen, Germany is ready to shellshock you with their razor-sharp riffing, catchy hooklines and fistful-of Metal-sound!


So be sure to join in the fun and raise your voice as we all jump into the pit, shouting



Vocals & Guitars




TEMPEST - © by Wilfried Schueller